Saturday, April 2, 2011

Back to School!

After almost 1 and a half months, Bryce finally returned to school this past week. Between sickness and Spring Break, it has been a long time. He was very excited to go back! The school has hired a new aide to work one on one with him. Her name is Anja and she seems very nice.

This picture was taken on William's birthday. Bryce loves lit candles and the birthday matter who they are for! I love his smile.

On the last day of Spring Break I took the kids to the park. Annalise was so excited to walk.
Using her little stroller as a walker, she does pretty well. She walked around for almost an hour. She was pretty tired and in some pain that afternoon, but boy did she have fun walking!

We're still waiting on most of her test results. One has come back that was slightly elevated, which indicates that she may have issues with her immune system in the future, and one has come back normal. There are still 4 results that we are waiting on. These are the gene tests which are testing for AGS.

Here is a great quote that I came across the other day:
Let go of the life that you have planned, to accept the life that is waiting for you!

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Dacia said...

I bet Bryce was happy to go to school! He is soooo cute! When I see his smile, it makes my day so much brighter.
Annalise looks like she is off to the races - great area for her to move around in.
I love your quote - I will have to do that with my life!