Saturday, April 23, 2011

Evaluation Results

The evaluation went well although initially Annalise does not qualify for long term care.  However the lady doing the evaluation was able to see that ours is a unique situation and that although Annalise does not fit into the state's normal criteria of a child in need (which is so frustrating!), she will indeed need long term medical assistance.  So, she is going to go ahead and pass the paperwork on up the chain with a long description of what Bryce has been through and where he is now and where Annalise is heading.  I gave her the notes I have from the neurologist and faxed the rest that I could get a hold of.  I also faxed a description of Leukodystrophy from the ULF website since most people don't know much about it.  She said that if worse comes to worst and Annalise is denied, we can apply for long term care again.  I know that is possible, and exactly what I would do, but I really hope we don't have to go through that again.  Bryce wasn't approved until the second time around and it is just a waste of everybody's time and money, not to mention, emotionally draining.  Anyway, I guess we will know in 2-3 weeks if she qualifies or if we start the process all over again!

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