Thursday, April 7, 2011

Angels Who Call Themselves Aunts of Angels

A few nights ago while doing a quick check of facebook before going to bed, I came across a posting from my sister-in-law Elizabeth. In this post there was a link that led me here AuntsofAngels and into a discovery that filled my heart so full that tears began to run from my eyes! As you will see from the link, Aunts of Angels is a shop that some of Bryce and Annalise's Aunts have created on Etsy. It was a total surprise to me! I sat in amazement as I looked over the things in this shop and read what the plan was for the money earned. They are making and selling amazing items and donating all of the money earned to the Bryce and Annalise benefit fund to help us with further research and care of our precious angels. Thank you so much Elizabeth for having a dream and making it a reality and thank you to everyone who is helping this dream grow so quickly! I am so thankful to these wonderful angels who call themselves the aunts of angels. Be sure to check out their is beautiful!

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