Thursday, March 17, 2011

PT and Long-Term Care

Today Bryce and Annalise had physical therapy. Tess (their PT) was very surprised at how much Annalise has changed since just last Friday. She has decided to cancel the order for the walker since by the time it gets here, she will not be able to use it. Tess is ordering a gait trainer like Bryce's (only smaller) instead. She also thinks that we should work on getting a wheelchair for her soon since although she is still small now, we know we will need it in the near future and it seems to take so long to get things through the system.

Good news today was that I heard from the long term care people. They are going to be setting up a time for someone to come out and do a medical evaluation on Annalise to see if she qualifies for long term care. It usually takes 2-3 months for this process. I'm hoping that the whole process runs smoother than it did with Bryce and that she qualifies the first time through. I think that she will since Bryce is already in the system and she already has the same diagnosis. This will really help with the costs of her therapies (which can run up to $70 for each hour session) and equipment that she will be needing in the upcoming months.

Thank you all for the prayers. If you can, please add our oldest son, William to your prayers as he seems to be really struggling with everything that is going on with his baby sister right now. Thank you!

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Dacia said...

It is good that you have a therapist that cares! I hope the approvals come quickly.
William is in my prayers.