Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Regression Continues

Sorry this isn't a very upbeat post, but I want to be honest with you about what is happening. Also, we may need this info in the future as we try to piece together and make sense of this horrible disease that our children have. As of this week, Annalise is almost completely unable to walk without holding onto someone or something, and even then she is very unsteady. She crawls most of the time, but that is even becoming difficult for her. She has also lost the ability to roll over when lying on her back. Today when she was lying on her back she was unable to move from that position. She tried multiple times, then put her head down and just kept saying, "I stuck, I stuck". Very sad to see. When this all began with her, I predicted (due to Bryce's timeline) that we would have until April or early May until the rapid regression part of this nightmare would begin, but by looking at this week, it appears that it may be sooner than I thought. This week has been harsh!

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