Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Sorry that it has been so long since I have updated everyone. It has been a busy month! The highlight of this month was by far the benefit concert for Bryce done by Will Perkins in California! It was amazing! He is such a talented young man. It was great to be able to finally meet him and then watch him perform. Thank you so much to Will and everyone who attended. It was a huge success and we are truly grateful!

Annalise had a Ct scan done the beginning of this month that came back normal. She also had a lumbar puncture and blood drawn for some genetic testing. We are still waiting on results from those. She did well overall with the testing. The nurse who was working with her during the LP said that she did great, but she sure is a fighter. So true! That little girl is going to make it far with her determination.

She has begun Physical therapy and is doing pretty well there. She is still walking some although it is getting more difficult and she has begun to crawl much more often. She is also really struggling to sit and appears to be losing some of her upper body strength. We are hoping to get her a little walker soon, so that she has a little more support.

Bryce finished out the month with multiple trips to the ER. While in California he developed Croup which has turned into pneumonia. He has had a lot of trouble with his breathing, but seems a bit better this morning. I hope and pray that he is on the mend and that we will soon have our happy little guy back!

Thanks again to Will for the concert and to all of you for your prayers and thoughts.

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