Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Fluke?

Well, it looks like the fact that Bryce was telling time may not have been real after all.  Since that week they have worked with him some more on time telling and it appears that 1:00 is the only time on the clock that he consistently answers correctly.  1:00 is an important time to him though because at school, that is the time when the "work" part of the day is over and the social part begins.  Go figure!  :)
His teachers have decided to hold off a while longer before working any more on telling time which is fine with me.  They will still present it to him occassionally and see what they get, but obviously not try to push anything.  However, until that time they will continue working on the other things that he is catching on to.

Reading is one of those things.  He is learning site words...knows about 22 as of now I believe.  He is reading (silently of course) phrases/sentences using these words and then successfully matching them to the correct picture given an option of two. 

According to the report I get home each week, he has been completing "I see a ......" sentences based on a picture shown.  For example, if they show him a picture of a yellow ball, he will then choose, using eye gaze, the correct words to match the picture to complete the  "I see" sentence. 

In math, he is adding two groups of items together and choosing the correct answer most of the time.  He is also able to sort items by small, medium, and large.

He and Annalise both have begun Music therapy at school and are LOVING it.  I knew they would.  One of my favorite things is to hear Bryce "sing" along to songs while we are in the car.  I need to get some video of him singing one of the songs from Frozen or our Vocal Point CD.  He definitely has his favorites!

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