Saturday, June 8, 2013

Bryce's Own Option

Ha ha!  Leave it to Bryce to find another option.  If you read my post from last night, you know I was hoping for another option.  Well, in typical Bryce fashion, he has found another one...kind of.

I received an email from Dr. N this evening.  (Yes, on a Saturday.  Any other doctor, that would surprise me...Dr. N...not so much!)  He had a chance to take a look at Bryce's EEG.  I nervously read the email which included this about what he saw:

1)      Mild diffuse background slowing – this is consistent with a diffuse process, such as a white matter disorder; nothing specific
2)      Frequent right central-temporal spike discharge – this means there is a focus that is firing intermittently on the right side; does not mean that he is having seizures, but is consistent with that diagnosis.
3)      The decision about treating him is a clinical one.

He then went on to say what his initial thoughts are as far as treatment goes which will most likely include trying some type of anti-seizure medication.  He will get the official EEG report on Monday and he wants to talk with us next week.

John and I were talking about this on our date tonight.  Frequent right central-temporal spike discharge...John said it is like Bryce's left side of his brain  is tazing his right side.  :)   No wonder he stares off, sweats, and startles so easily!  We have always known that he is a little thrill seeker.  Sometimes you just have to's often better than the alternative.

Anyway, so there you have it.  Bryce's mystery continues!  From the very first report that we got when Dr. N looked at Bryce's first MRIs back in 2009 and declared that they, "are abnormal, but not in the normal way." to today's report of he's not having seizures, but he is not NOT having seizure type activity either, Bryce remains consistent in one thing.  Choosing his own route.  He definitely keeps life interesting.

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