Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Casts Come Off!

October 30, 2012
After 7 weeks and 6 days, the time has finally arrived!  The day that the casts, aka boots, come off!

We got up early and made our way to the CRS orthopedic clinic.  While we waited in the waiting room, I met a lady who was there with 3 of her children.  Two of them were in power wheelchairs and one in a regular push wheelchair.   As we spoke, I found out that these were 3 of her 6 children.  5 of her children are in wheelchairs, 1 of the five is tube fed, and they will be adopting 2 year old twin boys, one who is blind, in the coming months.  The first three of these children are their biological children, the other 5 have come to them through foster parenting/adopting.  It was so neat to talk with her for a few minutes and learn how each of these children have come into her life.  Caring for these special children, who are often just passed by, is definitely one of this sweet lady's missions while on this earth.  What a great person.  I wish I had been able to talk with her longer.  I'm sure she has a lot to tell!

Once we got into the casting room, Annalise kept saying, " my boots come off.  The doctor take my boots off and I have a bubble bath in the big mommy bath tub." 

 The casts being cut off.

Annalise did really well, no tears at all until he began cutting on the second one.  It was just too much and the tears began to flow.  This wonderful child life specialist whom we have met and gotten to know over the past couple of months came right over to Annalise and showed her some games on the iPad.  It was a great distraction! 

While the tech was taking off the casts, I was told that Annalise may have some muscle spasms due to her high tone and having the legs in one place for so long.  The tech looked up and said, "she will have some for sure.  I can already feel it in her legs".  Poor girl.  Any time she tried to bend her legs, they would hurt her which always led to tears.   

The casts are off.  Just waiting to be cleaned up a little and for recasting for the AFOs.  She wasn't so sure about the casting.  She kept telling me that she did not want more boots.  She calmed down once she saw that they would be taking them right back off! 

Home, happy, and cast free!   

Annalise has begun twirling her bangs.  She does this a lot when she is tired or needing extra comfort. 

The whole way home, Annalise kept talking about her bubble bath in the mommy bathtub.  She was so happy that her boots were off and she was going to be getting a bubble bath.

However, once we got home, I ran some bath water full of lots of bubbles.  I put her in, but she instantly started freaking out a little and crying that she wanted to get out.  I made sure the water temperature and everything was fine.   I'm not sure why she did not want to be in the bathtub. I'm guessing that the water just felt really weird on her bare legs and that it was hurting.  I got her out and after a few cuddles, I handed her over to Sarah who was here to care for her while I took William and Jacob to the dermatologist.  I gave her some pain medicine and headed off to pick up the boys.  It was hard to leave her!

I guess all afternoon, Annalise wanted her legs to be covered with a towel or blanket.  She did not want to look at them and kept saying that she didn't like them and that they have owies.  I guess 8 weeks in a cast is a long time.  Being out of them is going to take some getting used to.  Hopefully she will get used to that soon and be able to enjoy her bubble baths again!

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Gr8Life said...

Sweet Annalise ♥ I hope she starts to enjoy those bubble baths again.
She is Adorable!