Saturday, March 30, 2013

March 18th
I have neglected the updating of this blog far too long.  Isn't it interesting how life seems to move like a wave.  Sometimes we are up, things are good.  Then it seems to come back down and we struggle.  Then life always goes back to good and the cycle continues.  Sometimes, especially when dealing with medically fragile children, waves of life can change multiple times even within the same day.  Things are changing and I need to document all of the blessings and wonderful things that have been going on before life's waves take a different turn and I forget to record all of the wonderful blessings we have been experiencing over the past few months.

March 25th
Time to get back and let you in on all the great things that have been happening.

Bryce continues to do very well with tolerating his new foods.  In fact, he is doing better than tolerating them, he is thriving!  He did have a little dip in his weight, but that didn't last long and he is back up.  He has made it to 34 pounds!  At his last appointment with Dr. McOmber, Bryce was up in weight and also in height.  Both fantastic things.  The only issue is that since he grew so much (height wise) his Weight to Height ratio actually dropped from 7% to 4% That is important because this is actually how they track Bryce's progress.  It isn't just the weight that matters.  So anyway, not a big deal.  We just upped his calories a bit more and continue to be thrilled that he is growing so well!

The weight is an important measurement to make sure Bryce is getting what he needs from his new diet, but there are many other factors that are making all the time and effort to make and feed a blended diet all worth it.  Bryce has begun to roll over again!  He


Jodi said...

Beautiful news!

Ryder Hauer said...

Love this post! Made me smile :)