Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I Believe in You!

My son, Jacob, was just watching a Pokeman video and at the end this song came on. It made me think of so many of friends, my family, my Leukodystrophy family, my church family, all of you who support us even though we have never met, and my Father in Heaven. I had to look it up and post it here for all of you to enjoy.  What a great song. Who would have thought something from Pokeman would ever touch my heart! :)  Okay, back to work.  Thank you all!


Tricia Whitney said...

Love this song! I am going to figure out a way to load it onto my ipod. I needed to hear this today. I think of you guys all of the time. I love you! Never thought Pokemon would be so uplifting.

Tricia Whitney said...

That song was amazing! I am going to try to load it onto my ipod. Thanks for sharing it. I needed it today, and other days. I think about you guys all of the time. I love you and always have. Thanks!