Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March 3, 2012 FINISH STRONG!

The morning was beautiful.  As we arrived, we could already tell that the place was full of people.  We had hoped to get there a little early, but we didn't quite make it until just before 8AM.  The parking lot was already full of cars.  Balloons and banners greeted us as we entered.

The Run
It was very humbling to realize that all of these people, some we knew, many we did not,  had come out and were running to support our children.

John finishing his first 5K!  Great job!

I was so proud of William and Jacob.  Along with some friends from church and some from school, they completed their first 5K!  Way to go boys!  Their PE teacher from school, Mr. Palm, was there.  He gave dress down passes to everyone in the school who ran in the race. 

The morning started out a little rough for Bryce, Annalise, and Spencer.  I'm not sure if it was the time of morning or the crowd of people, but we had a few tears and some anxiety to start off the day.  I was a little concerned, but luckily a great breakfast of pancakes, bacon, and milk (along with a little TLC from some of my life savers Dacia and Heather) seemed to do the trick and soon they were all enjoying the festivities.

Christopher, Spencer, William, Jacob, and Nathan. 

There were silent auctions that went on throughout the day as well as a live auction toward the end of the event.  Many, many wonderful items were donated for the auctions and people were very generous.

The kids all seemed to enjoy the bounce houses.  Bryce was no exception.  He loved sitting at the end of it and watching the kids slide down.  Thank you Chris for helping him enjoy the day!

John and Annalise sliding down the slide.

The cotton candy was also a place that attracted many people.  

The line for the cotton candy.  I think our boys hit that line a few too many times throughout the day.

Even Annalise got to taste cotton candy for the first time.  She wasn't so sure about it with the first bite, but she tried it again and was hooked!

Yes, it truly was bigger than her head!

My mom, Bryce, and my sister Sheri.  

I'd say Bryce was very happy to see Aunt Sheri!  She is definitely one of his favorite people. 

Brother Cooper from our bishopric and his family took Annalise around for a while.  Here they are looking at the pony.  Bryce and Annalise both got to have a ride on the ponies!

Most of these photos, including the ones here of our family, were taken by my friend Erin from The Treasure Box Photo Studio.  She did a fantastic job!  Thank you Erin for donating your time and talents so that we can have pictures to help us remember this incredible event!

Our strong, Sweet Annalise!

William and Jacob

Our strong Bryce

What strong (and handsome) young men!

The strong Clayton family!

We are strong because of the many hands that hold us up and support us throughout our days!  Thank you!

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