Thursday, September 1, 2011

News from England

I received an email from Dr. Narayanan this morning stating that Dr. Crow had just emailed him saying that no deletion was found in the children.  Totally not what I expected to hear.  Dr. Crow is going to think about it some more and get back with us.  Dr. Narayanan said he will be doing the same.  So...the mystery continues... Sure wish I could know what is going on with my babies. 


The Hauer Family said...

Does that mean it isn't Ags? So frustrating...but happy doctors out there care and are working hard to help

Tammy said...

Totally frustrating! No it doesn't necessarily mean that it isn't AGS, but it also doesn't prove that it is. It just kind of takes us back to the "maybe it is, maybe it isn't" that we had before.